Horn of Narnia

eng_PC_1st_amerOn the opening page of Prince Caspian, we learn the four Pevensie children have returned to their routine lives in our world. Though The Return to Narnia is a children’s story, I’ve always thought a composer’s musical track might have interspersed strands of ominous, suspenseful music amid a light childlike melody to foreshadow the doom Narnia has undergone as these former Kings and Queens of Narnia tumble back into a new adventure.

If the four children experienced any premonition, their primary emotion was most likely excitement. Certainly, as The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe closes, Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy are eager and hopeful to get back to Narnia. The Professor has assured them of a return, but he also tells them it’s unlikely their next visit will happen via the wardrobe.

This time, the “door” into Narnia is a train station (can you say Harry Potter?). Even after the children have arrived in Narnia, several chapters take place before they realize they’ve returned to the world they once ruled. Naturally, once they confirm they’ve come back to Narnia, they’re stunned; only one year has passed in our world, but centuries have passed in Narnia since their absence. Continue reading “Horn of Narnia”