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It’s Going To Be An Issue

Little more than a week ago, I posted about what was then the upcoming oral arguments presented to the United States Supreme Court dealing with same-sex marriage. That post, titled Children In The Crosshairs, related one of my personal concerns about the impact this decision (due in June) may have on innocent children.Now that the arguments… Continue reading It’s Going To Be An Issue

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Vive La Difference!

The world is a fascinating and diverse place, isn't it! When I peer out my windows in the morning, I see the gently-fluttering leaves on half a dozen different kinds of trees. (Unfortunately, with nary a leaf between them, two apple trees my Beloved planted a year or two ago appear to have succumbed to the… Continue reading Vive La Difference!

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Three Minutes To Midnight

Perform a Google search for the term Doomsday Warning and a curious mixture of results pop up. On one side of the coin stand the naysayers who earlier this year advanced the symbolic Doomsday Clock two minutes because of concerns about global warming / climate change / or what people sometimes call weather.On the coin’s… Continue reading Three Minutes To Midnight

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Looking for Good News

All of us appreciate hearing Good News. Am I right?! When a person has waited on Good News the better part of fifty years, it can't come too soon. Nearly a year ago, I posted about my good friend Joseph Wood who has been researching the details of his parentage, having been abandoned as an infant and found wrapped… Continue reading Looking for Good News

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How Big Is God?

When considering Christian praise and worships songs, a cursory examination confirms many of the songs associated with faith refer to God's greatness. Consider one song as an example: How Great Thou Art, a worship hymn based on a poem written in 1885 but commonly associated with the baritone voice of Billy Graham's long-time associate George… Continue reading How Big Is God?

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Heroes Or Villains?

The trailer for the DC Comics superhero film, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is a hot item this weekend. Watch the trailer here. As a one-time fan of both Batman (the Christian Bale film series from 2005-forward) and Superman (the George Reeves television series of the 1950s), I'm not particularly enthusiastic about forthcoming productions. For me,… Continue reading Heroes Or Villains?

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Raising Canes . . . Maybe

Back in February, I posted about a day when I made a specific appointment to prune the raspberry bushes in my garden. I mentioned my reluctance to perform the task because I believed the productive plants might – given my notoriously purple thumb – take offense at being pruned and simply refuse to produce another crop! About two weeks… Continue reading Raising Canes . . . Maybe

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Life In A Meat-grinder

With ABC's Dianne Sawyer conducting a two-hour interview scheduled to air tomorrow night, stories and pictures of Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner are everywhere online as well as on the front pages of various tabloids. Jenner reached the pinnacle of success, snagging two Gold Medals in the grueling decathlon. Esquire described him as "the greatest athlete of his time."The… Continue reading Life In A Meat-grinder

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Calvinistic Mnemonics

Growing up during a time when my daddy was attending Bible school, I absorbed theological concepts from an early age. Attending Bible school for a year right after high school (and after that a Christian college), I digested even more theology. Eventually, I married my Beloved who entered seminary before we'd been married a year.… Continue reading Calvinistic Mnemonics

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HillBilly Circus

Most of my life, I thought a "well-informed" person should read at least one weekly news-magazine, read a daily newspaper (or more), tune in nightly news broadcasts and listen to a broad range of current-issue radio presentations. After carefully consuming "news" via reading / listening / watching multiple news resources as well as analyzing and evaluating issues, I realize the… Continue reading HillBilly Circus