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Chances are good that sometime in the last week you've interacted with at least one adult (perhaps more than one) who was educated at home. People in the workplace, teachers and professors, business owners ... don't be surprised to find some of them are products of home education.While schooling within the home and family has… Continue reading Home.Edu

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Imperfect Family-hood

Children are known for acting foolishly. Teenagers are notorious offenders, sometimes showing reckless regard or on other occasions failing to weigh the risks. As one example, we've all read the tales of teens driving and texting. Not every teen ends up slamming into a tree because of his or her poor judgment, but some do. (The statistics are… Continue reading Imperfect Family-hood

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Homing In On Rehoming

We were pups, my brothers and I. At the time, I might have been five, my older brother seven and my younger brother three. (The picture below shows us celebrating my younger brother's second birthday.) Certainly, none of us knew what conversations my parents had had with their friends, but results from those conversations had a definite… Continue reading Homing In On Rehoming

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Opening a Door . . . For Closure

Origins matter. Whether your family has lived in the same vicinity for 200 years or you're part of the broad population that moves around every couple of years, wherever you "come from" is important. My own interest in origins feeds my love for genealogy. It's not just the ancestral names and faces who are fascinating but… Continue reading Opening a Door . . . For Closure

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DHS . . . Friend or Foe?

About ten years ago, my elder daughter picked up her son from his junior high school and headed home. In the car with them was my daughter's infant, swaddled within the confines of a federal- and state-mandated and approved infant car seat. A stop at the pharmacy was necessary and the infant was fast asleep… Continue reading DHS . . . Friend or Foe?

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The Curse of Super-Mommery

Adult children and the moms who love them ... these relationships can be challenging, exasperating and beyond bewildering at times! Speaking as one who experiences life from both perspectives, I have come to understand no matter how old I am, I remain always my mother's daughter. She does not know how to un-mother me just… Continue reading The Curse of Super-Mommery

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The Pay-Dirt of Good Intentions

An article on the HuffPost blog earlier this week caught my eye. Entitled 11 Things Empty Nesters Want Parents of Little Kids To Know, the author provides a list of observations ... all but the first tip coming from the author's friends who are already empty nesters. Apparently feeling the inevitable empty nest just around the… Continue reading The Pay-Dirt of Good Intentions

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Certifiably Married

Quick question ... for those of you who are married, do you know where your marriage certificate is? This document, most often provided to the married couple shortly after "I Do" and "I Will" have been spoken, is often a fancy piece of parchment that notes the names of the married partners and the place… Continue reading Certifiably Married

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Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?

Today is a day for sober reflection. No matter how often I interact with people from all walks of life who are suffering through various challenges in life, the question invariably crops up:  Why? and just as often, Why, God? It's an understandable question, almost as natural to our humanity as breathing. In some respects… Continue reading Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?

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Best Interests of the Children

Nearly thirty years ago, we began educating our children in the home. This was an era when home-education was mostly embraced by people at the margin and those tended to be unconventional types. Our motivation related primarily to our eldest daughter who was about to begin junior high. We had reservations about the social aspects of junior high (and the prevailingly negative,… Continue reading Best Interests of the Children