Squat Zone

Ownership. What exactly does that word mean? When you possess a title or deed to a piece of property and your name is on the line that indicates OWNER, doesn’t that mean you have the legal right to possess and control that property?

Be careful how you answer these questions … remember we’re living in a progressive age where words rarely mean what we think they mean. There’s a strange (and damaging) trend in our country today to redefine words or to completely ignore their common meaning. There’s also a growing inclination for “… every man [to do] what is right in his own eyes” (as Judges 17:6 describes it). Few examples are more helpful than this video to illustrate what’s happening.

After watching this video, your initial response might be similar to mine. This is Detroit. Things are slightly off-kilter there. Why should I be surprised if squatting is a common practice?

Then I did a simple online search and discovered squatters aren’t just a Detroit problem. Apparently, the situation got so bad in Great Britain that in September of 2012, the country ruled squatting to be a criminal offense if squatting on residential property (though it’s still okay to squat on commercial property). It’s also permissible to squat if you’re “a Gypsy or Traveller living on an unauthorized site.” Maybe I should check on having my Gypsy card renewed? Continue reading “Squat Zone”