Not For The Faint Of Heart

In February, I posted my thoughts about the expression: Christians aren’t perfect, just forgiven. As someone who has a lifetime history with church − both its local assembly (a church) and its universal expression (the Church) as the body of believers who follows Jesus Christ − my experiences are as varied as one might imagine.church1

Because local churches are generally made up of sinners who’ve trusted the saving work of Christ, I’m talking about people here, people with failings and shortcomings. We Christ-followers are as flawed, damaged, ugly and deceitful as anyone in the larger world. We’re subject to the same temptations and attitudes as anyone else. Sometimes we make good choices (to be godly and follow Christ daily) but too often, our behavior fails to reflect the love of Christ. (Read Romans 7 about Paul’s description of this struggle.)

InsanityBytesWhen my friend, insanitybytes, yesterday posted with the title Churchian Adventures, I found her observations both funny and true to my experience. (I identify with many of her keen insights.) Exactly as she describes, the churchian adventure can be unpleasant and frustrating!

I’ve endured a love-hate relationship with church since I was a teenager. At that time, my issue was legalism; I rejected legalism but there were people in my local church who condemned me for (1) associating with sinners, or (2) failing to wear a head-covering. They were so busy condemning me and my sins (to my face), they ignored their own sins … gossip, pride, etc. Later on, there was criticism because I laughed too much, didn’t take the Christian life seriously, wore short skirts (it was the 60s after all) and dated guys who didn’t attend church! Continue reading “Not For The Faint Of Heart”