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From the moment the Wells Report was released, social media lit up – once again – over the scandal of under-inflated footballs appearing to be a common practice for New England Patriots football games. Call it Deflate-gate if you like. Detractors and Patriots slam the report, others are demanding Tom Brady's head ... or at least a season-long suspension.The… Continue reading Inves-Deflate

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Fire in the Hole

Saying goodbye ... it's an inevitable part of life. When one says goodbye to fictional characters, it shouldn't be a wrenching loss – unless the characters are so well-drawn and true to life, they've become embedded in your life. This kind of goodbye doesn't just represent a closed book of characters but also the way in which… Continue reading Fire in the Hole

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Where Is God?

Job didn't gloss over things. As Chapter 23 in The Book of Job opens, Job readily admits:  "I am still complaining today. I groan because God is still making me suffer." Instead of addressing the observations made by Eliphaz in the previous chapter, Job simply states the facts:  I'm complaining, I'm groaning, all this suffering… Continue reading Where Is God?

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Toothless and Useless?

Utility knife. Utility tool-belt. Utility blanket. Utility bill. One of the foundational pillars of our culture is a focus on utility ... on usefulness. We're geared toward doing, making progress, accomplishing things. Take a look at the More Saving / More Doing folks of Home Depot commercials, some that employ the hashtag #LetsDoThis. They've captured the essence of our age. They… Continue reading Toothless and Useless?

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Empty Words Are No Comfort

For someone in our world today, the depth of Job's desperation is difficult to fathom. Oh, one might be able to name people (friends, acquaintances or relatives) who have endured terrible suffering. But in our day, we have doctors and medications fairly close at hand. There are resources from which to make a possible diagnosis. No… Continue reading Empty Words Are No Comfort

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With Friends Like These . . .

In last week's post about The Book of Job (chapter 19), I mentioned how Job claimed he'd been falsely accused. He expressed disappointment with his friends for their unfairness toward him. In the final verses of the chapter, he also warns them not to condemn him suggesting they may be caught one day in the same situation. His… Continue reading With Friends Like These . . .

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A Paleo-Innocence Project

Wrongfully accused ... even for young children, this is an easily-understood expression. The concept of fairness seems inborn and children learn at an early age the power of a complaint "It's not fair!" Job wasn't a child, but he understood how it felt to be wrongfully accused. In studying The Book of Job, I've begun to understand how… Continue reading A Paleo-Innocence Project

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A Devouring Angel of Light

One of my friends has a loved one who suffers from chronic, unrelenting pain, a physical issue that rarely ebbs and can't be controlled by medications (since the guy chooses to remain aware of and active in the world around him). The man has a family and wants to hold onto his job, even though working… Continue reading A Devouring Angel of Light

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How Long the Hunt for Words?

For a writer, reading the following words may strike right between the eyes:  "How long will you hunt for words?" Maybe it was more of a two-by-four upside the head, but I definitely reacted to this question from Job 18:2. It's Bildad speaking, responding to Job's monologue from chapters 16 and 17, and Bildad comes out swinging.… Continue reading How Long the Hunt for Words?

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The Church of Oprah, Bell and Zimzum

The recent conversation between Oprah and Rob Bell, featured in a video entitled Super Soul Sunday, has created lots of buzz over the last couple days. Perhaps the most striking comments emerging from this conversation – and the portion garnering the most attention – is Bell's assertion that the church (one would presume in context… Continue reading The Church of Oprah, Bell and Zimzum