Summer Camp Redux

A couple weeks ago, one of my posts was a spoof on Summer Camp. Following that post, I had not expected to undergo a mild case of nostalgia after remembering various aspects of my actual summer camp experience during my youth. I was surprised at the flood of memories that came to mind! In predictable fashion, a whimsical poem began to draw certain images and test how they’d work themselves into verse.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

One of those images, the Elephant Rocks shown above, pretty much demanded to be included, so being the pushover I am when my brain is so insistent, I worked the mental image of elephant rocks into what I was writing. With that impossible phrase included, the poem took on its own style.

A word to those who question the existence of both boondocks and elephant rocks, please be assured I didn’t make up these things. Boondocks may describe numerous places (especially in the South, especially in states with a generally rural landscape as Missouri has), but the boondocks description definitely fit the location of the summer camp I attended in childhood. Further, the camp I attended (located in the southeastern part of Missouri) was within close proximity of both the Johnson Shut-Ins State Park and the Elephant Rocks State Park.

Boondocks? Check. Elephant Rocks? Another check. Continue reading “Summer Camp Redux”

My Week At Summer Camp

With the Fall session of school about to commence for school children across the fruited plain, I imagine there will be plenty of first-week assignments where children will write about their summer activities. Please allow me to be among the first to contribute as I offer this summary of My Week at Summer Camp.summer_camp

Yes, I’m being slightly whimsical here  … my week at summer camp was actually not a literal week (6 days) and not spent at a summer camp, but rather, at my mom’s home. However, in keeping with the Summer Camp theme, let’s call her place Camp MommaRuthePesaukee. (The name has to have an American Indian ending or it won’t sound authentic.) But let me assure you, this particular Summer Camp is just about the best one I’ve ever experienced and every single time I come, we’re able to create the best memories ever! Continue reading “My Week At Summer Camp”