How Does Your Garden Grow?

Requests for custom-designed poems are flowing in from every corner of the globe!

Forsythia_clip_art_hightActually, that’s not quite true. I’ve had a single request, and that one from Pennsylvania (which isn’t exactly a corner of the globe).

TC Conner over at TheWriteGardener.Com suffered a case of the green-eyed monster (see the comments section of my post Phantom Poet) because I’d sufficiently ragged on Doobster418 to the point he penned a mindfully-digressive piece of verse in response. Since Doobster418 had neglected (so far) to reciprocate to Conner’s attentions (by writing a poem about him), Conner turned desperately to me:  would I write a poem for him?

Okay, I’m exaggerating. Conner wasn’t exactly desperate. I know he wasn’t … it’s just fun to create a little drama, you know?

Once I familiarized myself with Mr. Connor’s blog, I knew I already had a Cinquain that would suit him perfectly! It appears he’s as anxious as I am for Spring to finally slam the door on this polar vortex thing. (He has very nice photos of Spring flowers to help us usher in the season.)

No, I didn’t want my new friend, TC Conner, to feel left out, so I have indulged his request … okay, well, maybe I’m fudging a bit (since I’d already written this one), so this isn’t genuinely a piece of poetry written for him. But it is a good poem that fits his blog’s specific interest and should definitely suffice until tomorrow.

Forsythia, Spring, cinquain, poetry, poem
Poem: Forsythia, A Cinquain

Tomorrow, a second poem for TC.

In the meantime, I recommend his blog. I haven’t read all of it, but I’m learning about things like garden hoses and such. (If you’ve read any of my blog posts on gardening, you’ll know immediately I really need the help!)