Calvinistic Mnemonics

Growing up during a time when my daddy was attending Bible school, I absorbed theological concepts from an early age. Attending Bible school for a year right after high school (and after that a Christian college), I digested even more theology. Eventually, I married my Beloved who entered seminary before we’d been married a year. It’s accurate to say I’ve had lots of opportunities to consider and personalize theological principles.theologian1

That being said, I am not a theologian! Even “armchair theologian” is far too lofty and official a term; I’m simply a lifelong student of the Bible. To my shame, I’ve not always been a devout student. Some theological concepts have stuck in my mind over the years while others seemingly evaporated. This being the time of year for tulips, most people call up an image of colorful flowers, but mention tulip and my brain swerves over to theology! Continue reading “Calvinistic Mnemonics”