What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Today was a day for time off. Since our son-in-law is out of town (all the way to Uganda), we decided to take a trip to the Tulsa Zoo with our husband-deprived daughter and her three daddy-deprived children. My daughter-in-law and her son also joined us. What fun we had!

As a result, there’s scant poetry and very little prose today. But I offer this verse on-the-fly …

It’s my pleasure to share with you
select pics of monkeys at the zoo …
Perhaps more precisely four imps
With closest resemblance to chimps.

2014-06-17 16.43.38
V.H.P., 2 years old
2014-06-17 16.43.07
H.S.O., 4 years old
2014-06-17 16.42.44
T A.P., 6 years old




















2014-06-17 16.43.23
G.J.P., 9 years old