Elections Have Consequences

It’s almost impossible to track down the exact source of the title phrase, Elections Have Consequences. It is a political phrase and I suppose it means different things to different people. Oftentimes, it can be translated as “I won, you lost, get over it” or something similar. There’s a sense that whoever employs the phrase means the newly elected individual perceives to own a mandate to carry out his or her agenda.election_results_mediumFor me, an election official in my county, the phrase means something entirely different than what most people understand. For me, Election Day is always a busy time; specifically, last night as we canvassed ballots and tallied votes and fielded question from anxious reporters who hoped to meet their 10 p.m. deadlines, the consequences generally meant staying on task until the job is complete and every lawful vote has been counted. Last night, it meant we worked from about 5:00 p.m. until the numbers were released (at last) at 2:45 a.m. It was a long night! Phew!

Elections have consequences? Indeed! For me, the most notable consequence is I’m dead tired today.

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