Tax Day Blues

Whether it’s National Poetry Month 2024 or not, this poet quickly realizes there are consequences to stress. When I crawled out of bed with an achy neck and stiff upper shoulders, it was readily apparent I’d been mon-stress-ly afflicted! With the income tax deadline set for midnight tonight, who wouldn’t be stressed?

Would anyone have blamed me for crawling immediately back into bed? Yet, I would not be deterred! As a matter of fact, I have a sonnet which fits perfectly with the day and my diminished condition! (Ha! How’s that for good planning?!) Though written a number of years ago, I kept the poem in reserve … for now apparently.

A little background first. Back in April 2015, I debuted my creation, the Englark sonnet, a form based on the Shakespearean (English) rhyme pattern, but modified to reflect my unpretentious Arkansas inclinations:  hence, the Englark. While Shakespearean sonnets follow a pattern of abab-cdcd-efef-gg, an Englark sonnet adapts the pattern to abaa-bcbb-cdcc-dd. Through the years since, I’ve posted several more Englarks (here, here and here) and I have several others in the works.

Today, I offer this Englark sonnet with grateful acknowledgement to the antiquarians still living well within our ranks. (I believe the venerable Clint Eastwood is closing in on 94 years the end of May.) As for me, I have quelled the discomfort temporarily with a dose of Tylenol as Turbotax stubbornly beckons. (Wish me luck?!!)

Antiquarian, an Englark sonnet

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