The Secret of Happiness I

If you do a Google search for the word happiness, some 293 million supposedly relevant links result. Wikipedia − always the ultimate resource for helpful information − offers this summation:  Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.


Wikipedia also includes a picture of a yellow smiley face stating in the caption:  The smiley face is a well-known symbol of happiness.

I’m kind of partial to SpongeBob Smiley’s face (at left). For another discussion of SpongeBob the granite monument, see my previous post.

Since Wikipedia uses the term contentment as part of its description for happiness, you might also refer to my previous post related to contentment.

When attempting to define a term (like happiness), people sometimes use other emotion-related words almost interchangeably. More often than not, this fails to illuminate but instead muddies the water. Furthermore, plenty of people are unable to explain what happiness is … they’re much more capable of explaining (usually in great detail) what it is not.

The Secret of Happiness − at least as I understand this actual, bonafide secret − shouldn’t be that hard to figure out! And I have great news for you. I have done sufficient study on the subject to discover the secret and I’m pleased to share it with you below. These are important instructions and must be followed to the letter. You want happiness? Here it is in five simple steps.

  1. Copy the SpongeBob Smiley image above; paste and print the image on a letter-size sheet of white bond paper.
  2. Three times each day, hold the paper in front of your face; stare deeply for five minutes into SpongeBob Smiley’s eyes.
  3. Immediately drink eight ounces of cold water; sit quietly in a comfortable chair and relax. Let your breathing slow.
  4. Lean your head back, close your eyes and visualize SpongeBob Smiley’s image as if it is pasted to the inside of your eyelids. Do this for five minutes at each sitting.
  5. At the end of one week, you’ll know and understand The Secret of Happiness.

And please be sure to let me know how you did!

4 thoughts on “The Secret of Happiness I

  1. Just thinking about doing this made me laugh out loud, so actually doing it for a whole week should turn me into some kind of way-too-happy nutcase. And possibly cause concern among all those who know me.

  2. This is the funniest post on happiness that I think I’ve ever read. I definitely believe that laughter promotes happiness. I was curious to see what would happen if I tried staring into Sponge Bob’s eyes, and I couldn’t help but smile while doing so. Maybe this really is the secret to happiness that we’ve all been searching for!!

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