TSA = Stranger Danger

Can’t help but continue to cogitate on this TSA screening nightmare (see my previous post).The outrage, tales of indecencies committed, frustrations and absurdities continue to be recounted in lurid and nauseating detail.

The TSA website laughably defends their recently implemented “security” measures, claiming:  “A primary goal of TSA is to treat all passengers with courtesy, dignity, and respect during the security screening processes.” (Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, doesn’t it?)

Yes, I can imagine serious-faced, properly licensed and qualified authorities serving up identical reassurances as multitudes of Jews and other undesirables were ushered onto cattle cars headed for their final destination (i.e. death camps).

I would argue the TSA screening practices have little to do with courtesy, dignity or respect. Rather, their intent seems to be to discourage airline travel. (I mean, it’s already worked in my case!)

There’s got to be a limit to this insanity! Offering airline passengers a private area into which they can privately experience the TSA physical assault … er, processing … is this the TSA’s idea of concession? Is a notion of privacy supposed to mitigate all the genital groping, mammary mishandling, and dignity demolition? Frankly, if I’m going to be subjected to such foul treatment, I’ll pass on the TSA’s private area — I want plenty of witnesses for this illegal abridgment of my fourth amendment rights!

When I was growing up, society did its best to protect women and children. Today, TSA strangers have been authorized (by the almighty State) to fondle and traumatize these innocent souls, along with the rest of us. Who among us is going to stand up and refuse to be bullied for another minute? (I’m just terribly relieved not to have any airline trips scheduled over the holidays! I’m afraid I might end up in jail.)

We have been led blindly into this abyss. Everyone thinks it started on 9/11, but even before that horrible day, we’d been told extra security measures would maintain our safety in travel. With each highly-publicized subsequent threat, another layer of “security” has been added … window-dressing, nothing more!

Why are 85 year old grannies and 3 year old toddlers the focus of enhanced screening when neither sub-class has shown an inclination to 9/11-type destruction? [… Okay, with some 3 year olds, that might be a debatable question.]

What was it the venerable Benjamin Franklin said? “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

My resolution for now and the foreseeable future? No more ceding of personal liberty for the illusion of safety. It is time to agitate for change at each junction where government has stolen our liberty.

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