Where Is Excellence?

Earlier this month, I posted a video of the most honest “commencement” speech young graduates of today should be required to hear. Almost every day this week, I’ve talked with at least one person (most of whom were educators) who expressed his or her deep concern about the current state of education and learning in our country.Scholarship-clip-art-300x264In my state, there’s been an ongoing discussion about Common Core and the state Board of Education has been re-evaluating. Earlier this week, it appeared they’d be adopting another curriculum. However, decision-makers have ruled against the recommendations of a review committee and the process is dividing educators and reviewers.

But this issue is hardly the only concern on the table. Whether it’s K-12 or college, the end-result (learning) seems to get lost sometimes in the multiple distractions that turn student attention away from the fundamentals (the three R’s).

Furthermore, a discussion about the quality of education doesn’t even touch how the costs of education have risen over the last three decades.

The video I’ve posted below is a complementary video to that which I posted on June 2nd. (They’re both produced by Prager University.) This video tackles how costs for higher education have continued to rise and suggests some of the reasons why. I think the video is well worth watching and commend it to your viewing here.

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