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Day Two of National Poetry Month … however, before I forge ahead with this post, I’m offering a special dispensation in case you neglected to do your part in wholeheartedly celebrating April Fools’ Day yesterday. I’ve been authorized to prolong the opportunity for chaos (today only) so you may wreak your havoc before midnight … all in the spirit of fair play and good humor, of course! Make it count!

Now, with today’s post, I continue my simplified version of the annual observance of National Poetry Month (NPM). Specific organizations including poets.org (Academy of American Poets) and poetryfoundation.org participate in promoting the month-long celebration of poetry. The Academy is a non-profit, member-sustained group while the Foundation is also a non-profit, funded through endowment.

I suspect there are various other publications and websites which also support the effort. All in all, encouraging poets and poetry can be a good thing in my opinion. I’m not affiliated with either organization, but I think their goals are laudable.


In previous years when I acknowledged NPM, I read a good deal of poetry. Since then, I’ve mostly glided along, doing my own thing (reading some admired poets as well as posting my own poetry in this space). As each April rolls around, I’ve become aware of websites that gain higher visibility during the month. One particular website, #NaPoWriMo, provides a wonderful opportunity for poets with poetry websites to (1) be featured on the #NaPoWriMo website as well as (2) earn credibility by submitting a poetry website which others (whether poets or not) might explore.

I’m a curious poet, though I must confess I’d rather write poetry than read it. I prefer to read poetry I understand, and to put it frankly, lots of highly-praised poetry is (to me, at least) as clear as mud! (In the coming days, I’ll elaborate on my distaste for certain works of poetry.) Today’s sonnet offers a tip of the hat to the good work I believe goes on at #NaPoWriMo. We become better poets as we continue to write and improve our poetry, AND as we read and assess the poetry of others.

Poetry Month, a sonnet

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